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Ambeng Dulang Korean Fusion Set

Our latest Korean Fusion Ambeng. With Korean kimchi fried rice, paru berempah, sambal goreng, prawn sambal, Korean mandu (dumplings), seaweed (gim), Terong belado, acar, begedil.


Ambeng Dulang Set

A scrumptious selection of 8 traditional Javanese style dishes paired together with fragrant white rice and our signature CHOPE4ME Sambal Belacan. Each Platter serves 2-3 Pax

Ambeng Dulang Korean Fusion
$55.00 $42.50
Seafood Ambeng Dulang
Nasi Ambeng Seafood Dulang Set
$50.00 $39.90
Ambeng Dulang Ayam Kalio SET A
Ambeng Dulang Ayam Kalio


Anything else that goes with the Solo or Dulang Platter

Yummy Chicken Wing
Rice (1 pax)